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Business advantage
People oriented
Talent is the driving force of the company's development. With talent, there is a competitive advantage, and modern construction engineering belongs to a high-tech labor-intensive industry, prompting the company to strengthen the introduction of talent and give full play to the differences in human advantages. Adhere to the "people-oriented" corporate culture construction to retain talent and promote the company's rapid development and progress.
Live in harmony
"In unity and progress together, the people are united", employees are an indispensable part of the company. Employee cohesion is the source of the company's development and the source of collective creativity. Only by keeping pace together can we build a spirit of solidarity with shared interests and shared responsibilities.
Sincere service
Integrity is a combination of honesty, trustworthiness and honesty. Honesty, no deception, keeping promises, consistent words and deeds, consistent in appearance, this is the most basic ethical code for life. We need honest service to customers, tell the truth, do real things, oppose hypocrisy, and make us more honest with each other.
Strict quality control
Responsibility is the foundation of being a person and doing things, and it is also the scale of self-worth realization. A conscientiousness can help the business take off, and a conscientiousness can obtain customers and higher satisfaction.
Shenzhen Ruiyi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Ruiyi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2012, mainly engaged in new construction machinery and construction engineering; municipal engineering; power engineering; foundation and foundation engineering; earthwork engineering; urban and road lighting engineering; Landscaping; sports site facilities engineering; geological disaster management engineering; leasing and door-to-door installation of construction hoisting machinery and electromechanical equipment; Business qualification for building reinforcement project, forest construction project, etc. The company has personnel administration department, chief engineer office, Chengdu control department, engineering technology department, business department and finance department. Our registered capital is 62.18 million yuan.
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Ruiyi construction
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